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We are George Company | Best Car Rental Company in North Macedonia

George Company was established in 1993 as a private owned entity and have remained as such ever since.

Throughout the years as the company expanded, thanks to its professional approach to every matter, accommodating to the client’s needs and wishes with the help of the numerous hard working professionals, whose only job and commitment is to fulfill and execute each and every job with precision, prioritizing one client at a time per employee.

Needless to say that we’ve always preferred quality over quantity so we deliver the highest quality possible, for which can vouch our long list of satisfied clients throughout the years such as the US Embassy; Local Democracy and Regional Integration in SEE, Support to NALAS; UN Women; Council Of Europe; World Bank; The International Labor Organization; Skopje Marathon; DS Smith; Macedonian Customs etc. to name just a few.

Furthermore, our fleet is assembled of reliable vehicles, updated every couple of years so there is no older vehicle than three years at the time being, maintained regularly in its official manufacturers services with included passengers insurance, just so our clients have a peace of mind, knowing that every percussion measure has already been taken care of for their future travels.

The concept of organizing the transportation is simple. We are here for your needs period. Available for reservations via email in which you’ll state all the needed information (e.g. time, date and pick-up location; destination; name and contact of the passenger/s), reservations which then will be confirmed. If by any chance there is an extraordinary transportation being needed, you can contact us on the phone available 24/7.

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